Ayurveda Traditional Complete Hair Care AVVVS is here for complete Haircare!

Ayurveda Traditional Complete Hair Care AVVVS is here for complete Haircare!

Life is fast, busy, and stressful in the present scenario with every person donning different roles. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in these hectic demanding schedules is a challenge. Unhealthy habits and lifestyles also contribute to deteriorating individual health.  Wrong diet, sedentary lifestyle, or too exertional lifestyle and environmental problems and pollution affect health, and hair health is one of the primary symptoms noticed.   Hair fall, hair loss, dry hair, split ends, dull hair, frizzy hair, oily hair, greying, balding, dandruff, scaling, headlice infestation, white piedra, and many other hair issues are encountered every day.  

Carelessness and indiscriminate use of chemicals and heat therapies for beauty treatments also contribute to hair fall. Nutritional deficiencies like Vitamin D3 minerals like iron, and zinc, etc. diseases like hypo or hyperthyroidism, hormonal imbalances, sinusitis, and medications like chemotherapy also lead to hair problems. Immunocompromising diseases and medicines may be the reason for infestation and infections. For managing hair fall and hair problems and restoring hair health it is important to analyze and decipher the reason and address it

Arya Vaidya Vilasini Vaidya Sala expert doctors with experience in trichology and general health management are available for consultation both on online and offline platforms. They perform a detailed health assessment and then prescribe sure solutions for hair problems in the form of medicines, oils, shampoos, and hair or head Panchakarma therapies

AVVVS Hairgreens hair oil is a complete solution for hair problems and is also ideal for routine haircare. the oil boosts hair growth, nourishes hair roots, maintains scalp health, moistures hair, controls sebum secretion, and pigmentation, and promises healthy hair growth. Hairgreens hair oil is prepared from 100% ingredients like Terminalia chebula or Vibheetaki, Ecliptic prostrata or Bhringaraja, Emblica officinalis or Amalaki, and Indigofera tinctoria or Neelini. The oil is to be applied to and massaged onto the scalp and hair for 15 minutes and washed using Hairgreens shampoo

Arya Vaidya Vilasini Vaidya Sala is one of the best options to manage and overcome hair problems and remodel life into a healthier routine. Being one of the leading Ayurveda healthcare institutions in Kozhikode, AVVVS offers trustworthy, safe, and affordable Ayurveda medical remedies. Obliged by and committed to Sree Narayana Guru’s vision of medically serving society Kaloor Neelakandan Vaidyar founded AVVVS. The legacy is alive with Ramdas Vaidyar and the present generation continuing and elevating the tradition to be a landmark in its domain. Quality medicines from AVVVS are manufactured adhering to tested formulae, and GMP standards and integrating modern technologies. The range of products for hair problems from AVVVS includes Hairgreens oil and shampoo, Gloveda anti-dandruff shampoo, Redirons capsules, Slepan capsules, and Jeevana Lehyam. It is always advisable to consult an Ayurveda doctor before using the haircare medicines

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