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07 Nov 2022
AVVVS Mezhu Thailam-The sure shot remedy for aches and pains

Aches and pains are part of daily life. The stress and strains of regular routines, the extra hectic activities like injuries, sports, travels, hikes, treks, physical labor, and more add to tiredness, wear, and tear, sprains, strains, and tears of ligaments or muscles. MEZHU THAILAM a century-old proven formulation from AVVVS is one of the best external applications available for managing the malady that has affected the bone and joints. Mezhu Thailam is prepared with the base Tila Thailam (sesame oil) and Madhucchista beeswax of Apis cerana indica. Other ingredients include  Sarjarasa or exudate of Vateria indica,  Karpoora or bark extract of Cinnamomum camphora, Cedrus deodara or Devadaru, extract of Styrax benzoin or Sambrani and Boswellia serrata or Shallaki. Mezhu Thailam is helpful to treat pain, swelling, inflammation, and stiffness of the bones, joints, muscles, and soft tissue. Due to its anti-inflammatory healing and soothing analgesic properties, MEZHU Thailam is highly recommended in chronic pain conditions like osteoarthritis and other bone joint conditions

Arya Vaidya Vilasini Vaidya Sala's Mezhu Thailam is the perfect choice for a pain-free life with healthy bones and joints. Mezhu Thailam is a time-tested proven formula manufactured with stringent quality standards and assorted ingredients in GMP standard facility. Being one of the leading Ayurveda healthcare institutions in Kozhikode, AVVVS offers trustworthy, safe, and affordable Ayurveda medical remedies. Obliged by and committed to Sree Narayana Guru’s vision of medically serving society Kaloor Neelakandan Vaidyar founded AVVVS. The legacy is alive with Ramdas Vaidyar and the present generation continuing and elevating the tradition to be a landmark in its domain