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09 Nov 2022
Carry your favorite solution for a pain-free flexible body, AVVVS is now helping you with RUJANTH capsules

New generation searches the products which provides an easy carrying option if it is a medicine too. Arya Vaidya Vilasini Vaidya Sala's RUJNATH capsules are a best example for this easy carrying option. Being an Ayurvedic remedy from one of the famous Ayurvedic treatment center in Kozhikode RUJNATH capsules ends the afflictions which caused by the acute and chronic aches and pains related to bones, joints and muscles. Having acres of herbal gardens AVVVS is producing the high quality natural solutions for the diseases. Arya Vaidya Vilasini Vaidya Sala is an Ayurvedic treatment center which founded on 1921 by the great Kaloor Neelakandan Vaidyar who encouraged by the visions of Sree Narayana Guru and make use of his expert talent in medical care for the underdeveloped society. The major aim of AVVVS or Arya Vaidya Vilasini Vaidya Sala was to produce high quality health care and medical help to the community who are suffering from many diseases. RUJNATH capsules is one of this kind of medicine which gives healing from the aches. RUJNATH capsules become an essential part of the lifestyle by it's easy to arrange and consuming method. Being an anti-inflammatory analgesic combination it is suitable for all age groups. The ingredients in this capsules are highly anti-inflammatory analgesic and anti-microbial and it these ingredients gives a complete cure from the chronic conditions related to joints, swellings syndrome oedema. RUJNATH capsules is one of the easiest way to control over pains and swellings in acute muscular-skeletal injuries. By helping to heal the sprains, strains, dislocations and fractures RUJNATH capsules become the first choice for the persons who are leading a painful lifestyle. One of the most important element in this capsule is the ingredients what it contains. The basic ingredients of this Ayurvedic health care solution RUJNATH capsule is Commiphora mukul or Guggulu, Boswellia serrata or Shallaki, Alapna galanga or Rasna, Ricinus communis or Eranda, Tinospora cordifolia or Guduchi,Stobilantes cilates or Sahachara and Zingiber officianale or Shunti. All these ingredients are giving the correct healing for the pains. These ingredients are using to make these capsules followed by the Ayurveda textbooks. In Ayurveda there is vedic writings which contains four vedas Rig veda, Yajur veda, Sam veda, Atharva veda and this is considering as the basics of Ayurveda. Following these writings Arya Vaidya Vilasini Vaidya Sala is assuring the complete solutions for the diseases without any side effects.  The major quality of AVVVS is that, the medicines which is produced here is 100% natural and it a side effect free one and any age group can be used this at any time at anywhere.