Women Health Clinic

AVVVS Specialty Clinic is a blessing to fresh graduates aspiring for a successful career. Young lady doctors are given special privileges as part of the AVVVS policy of
Women Health Clinic Specialty Clinic delivers Ayurveda care and method of living and has helped women successfully manage health issues.

Skin and Hair Care Clinic

Ayurveda has given importance to the inner beauty that reflects out as a glow. At AVVVS Ayurveda face and skin therapies and treatment for chronic skin conditions are provided using herbal skin care products. AVVVS always
ensures quality in the ingredients, processing, and packaging of skin and hair care products. Skin and hair care is individualistic and customized at AVVVS.

Headache Clinic

Headache is one of the most common health issues faced in day-to-day life by almost everyone many times during their lives. Pain and tension on the head and face are the presenting symptoms. Cluster headaches, Tension headaches, Sinusitis, and Migraine are common types of
headaches. Most headaches are not dangerous and pass off. Persisting headaches may be a sign of a serious underlying condition and has to be medically evaluated and managed.

Lifestyle Diseases Clinic

Life style diseases are defined as the health problems that arise from unhealthy changes in lifestyle, habitat, and food. Increasing sedentary lifestyles, untimely job requirements, unhealthy food habits, addictions, stress, and unnecessary
medication are the main culprits against a healthy life. AVVVS Lifestyle Clinic primarily aims to redefine lifestyles individualistically and prescribe a healthy lifestyle formula suiting the person’s life and work.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Care Clinic

Motherhood is the gift of nature for a woman. Mother’s health is very important and vital for the health of the child and family. Ayurveda places a great emphasis on the value of caring for the mother prior to, during and following
pregnancy. Pregnancy month-wise care and post-natal care include diet, medicines, therapies, education, and mental support for the mother and family.

Herbal Ayurveda Therapies

Arya Vaidya Vilasini Vaidya Sala is a well-known entity in Kozhikode, the hub of Malabar both as a multifaceted Ayurveda institution manufacturing, supplying, exporting, and retailing quality Ayurveda classical and patent medicines. The clinical section of AVVVS grew and branched into AVVVS Specialty Clinic providing specialized Ayurveda care under expert supervision. Adapting to the evolving technology without compromising on the core tradition is the uniqueness of AVVVS a value that has been sustained and nurtured it through these 100 years. Arya Vaidya Vilasini Vaidya Sala owns and operates a chain of outpatient clinics in various Ayurveda specialties and treatments under the brand name AVVVS Specialty Clinic. The specialties
offered are Head Ache Clinic, ENT Clinic, Eye Care Clinic, Health and Beauty Clinic, Women Health Clinic, Pregnancy and Post Natal Care Clinic, Child Health Clinic, and Lifestyle Clinic. The clinics offer specialty outpatient wellness and curative health care services. A few more specialties are in the pipeline to be launched shortly. Premium category AVVVS Specialty Clinic Ayurveda Centres are operated in association with various stakeholders of the premium wellness, leisure and hospitality sectors. More associations of the kind are planned for the coming years.

Vadana Kanthi

The therapy is for enhancing the beauty of the face and bestowing anti-aging glowing properties to the facial and body skin. The therapy works effectively in preventing pimples, and acne and effectual against clogged pores
Benefits: Face care treatment for glowing, smooth lustrous wrinkle-free skin. The therapy reduces pigmentation, pimples, blackheads, and dark circles.


Cleansing with herbal natural cleansers.

Bleaching: with herbal Ayurveda powders.

Special Face Pack with customized herbal paste as decided by the cosmetology consultant. it works effectively in preventing pimples, acne and effectual against the clogged pores.

Scrubbing with exfoliating customized powdered Ayurveda herbs.

Special Face Care Massage with herbal paste, herbal poultice or fruit pulp depending on the skin type.

Steam with herbal Ayurveda decoction produced steam.

Facial skin care therapy

Kesha Kanthi

Hair and head care therapy

The therapy provides deep nourishment to the hair roots, scalp, hair strands and hair follicles. Benefits: Prevents hair fall, manages dryness and dandruff, delays grey hair, and minimizes split ends. Keshakanti is also
effective against stress, headache, and sleeplessness. Ensures silky smooth thick healthy hair. Eliminates dandruff, delays premature graying and balding, and reduces hair fall, brittle hair, and thinning of hair.


Head Massage with customized or tailor made herbal Ayurveda oil.

Steaming with the steam prepared from Ayurveda herbal decoctions.

Hair Pack with application of customized hair care Ayurveda herbal pack or fortified henna pack.

Hair Wash and rinse with medicated decoction.

Decreases hair dryness and roughness & Strengthens hair roots.

Reduces hair fall, dandruff & Prevents split ends and greying.

Mrudu Sparsha

Caring for the feet is important as the feet are the part that carries a person and is the terminal of the nervous system. Benefits: Total feet and hands care therapy with special attention to stress and pain-relieving MARMA pressure points. Imparts sound
sleep, and relaxes the body and mind. Reduces joint stiffness, exfoliates moisturizes, and makes the skin smooth and shiny. Cures and prevents fungal infections, athlete’s foot, and cracked foot.


Soaking of the feet and hands in luke warm herbal decoctions prepared from select leaves and flowers.

Special hands and feet Marma Massage by skilled therapist with customized oil combination or herbal concoctions and controlled pressure on the MARMA points under the supervision and guidance of an expert Ayurveda doctor.

Scrubbing with coarse herbal Ayurveda powders mixed with a liquid herbal..

Nail and Cuticle Care with sterilized hygienic instruments followed by special nail massage.

Hands and Feet Pack with customized herbal packs.

Apply gentle pressure to each side of the heel below the ankle bone, then circle the joint with both hands in a circular motion After washing, rinse feet in lukewarm water and dry thoroughly, particularly between the toes.

Hands and feet care therapy

Sareera Kanthi

Whole body massage scrub and polish

Ayurveda skin care is individualistic and customized to focus on inner health. Ayurveda skin care treatments are based on skin type and body constitution. Benefits: Tones the body, reduces tiredness and stress, stimulates circulation, and
exfoliates the skin. The therapy has health benefits by improving muscle tone, joint flexibility, bone strength, and memory. The therapy is known for its anti-aging benefits It is recommended as a wedding package for the couple.


Abhyanga with an oil massage as per skin and health condition.

Scrubbing with herbal powder, paste or poultice application.

Polishing with herbal or cereal fine paste application and rubbing.

Herbal Bath with medicated water.

Ayurvedic anti-aging products have specific ingredients to help nourish the skin and promote youthfulness.

Use a warm oil massage daily.