Kinnathappam (കിണ്ണത്തപ്പം) Steamed Plate Cake

Kinnathappam (കിണ്ണത്തപ്പം) Steamed Plate Cake


● 1 cup Raw Rice soaked
● 1/2 cup split Bengal gram dhal lightly cooked
● 1 no. coconut three cups milk, grated
● 1.6 kg Jaggery
● 1/2 tsp cardamom powdered
● coconut flakes fried
● 50 g Ghee


● Take a thick-bottomed vessel and boil the jaggery in 2 cups of water
● Allow the jaggery to melt completely and thicken
● Let it cool and sieve the jaggery syrup
● Grind the rice well and add coconut milk to make a thin batter
● Spread the batter and ghee onto a thick-bottomed pan on low fire, stirring continuously
● Add the melted jaggery and stir
● Add Bengal gram dhal and cardamom powder
● Stir the batter leaves the bottom of the vessel
● Take care not to let the batter stick to vessel or burn
● Let the ghee start draining out of the batter
● Pour the mixture into a greased dish and sprinkle fried coconut flakes on top.
● Flatten using a spoon and cool before slicing in proper shapes.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts:

Calories: 407
Carbohydrates: 67%
Fat: 31%
Protein: 2%
Instant energy giving wholesome meal
A standalone meal
Can be taken in malnutrition and malnourishment
Ingredients help digestion

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